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Her strengths lie in her openness to others and in her special brand of creativity.
Her view of the world always encompasses those close to her and even her egocentricity can be said to be sociable.
Her revolutionary ideas, against the general flow, are always constructive and uninhibited: she mediates rather than opposes, bringing understanding and receptiveness to discussions which are going nowhere, quickly touching the heart of all those who get to know her.
Her vivacity, as well as her open and versatile mind, make for a dynamic and imaginative, multi-faceted and captivating personality. The contradictions which she often demonstrates in her behaviour and reactions are mainly the fruit of a constantly active mind, absorbing even the most contrasting possibilities, continuously reformulating and creating new views on reality. Her expansive way of talking and easy-going, informal manner, as well as her original and sparkling creativity, puts her at ease in any situation.
She is up-to-date, and always one step ahead: the traditional mindset which limits a woman's horizons or where a woman is psychologically or socially dependant on a man, is an anathema to her…
She has wonderful human qualities: a valued friend, altruistic and open, who gives herself up body and soul to anything she feels strongly about and to her ideals.
Rich in interests and talent, curious and capable, she organises her life independently, spending as little time and attention as possible on the practicalities she deems are not worthy of her time.
It would be difficult not to be struck by her apparent simplicity, the sincerity in her eyes, her amiable and never difficult nature. But, she can also be obstinate, determined, stubborn … but this has ultimately contributed to her greatest successes in her profession.
Intelligent and amenable, curious and full of initiative... she certainly doesn't like to sit on her hands and do nothing! The expression of her eyes and her face says a lot - she is always on the lookout for new interests and loves to take on different tasks and challenges.

I leave my heart beat very fragile. I let my soul fly heavy. And me in the midst of watching the fall of the soul on the heart.

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