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Vittorio Sgarbi


Abstract as contact point between different realities, as barely perceptible traces of that intangible vision which allows us to communicate.

Elisabetta is an intense creator, strengthening the symbolism of the colour by measuring it out carefully, with absolute serenity, conscious of wanting to represent precise aspects of the work itself.

Abstract in contact with reality, surprising us with intense explosions of colour; her works are poetry, rich in ellipses, metaphors, allegories which bring emotions to the surface, starting with contrast and difference, to be reflected in the heart of the clay moulding.

The great truth is in the different elongations, that is the nuances and different lengths of the waves; for this, Elisabetta's aim not the contrast itself, rather to surprise us with vital energy, the expression of a sentiment which generates change.

February 2010
Critical text published on the occasion of the exhibition
at the Villa Benzi Zecchini by Vittorio Sgarbi

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