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Prof.Arch.Gianluigi Guarneri


Plastic strains turn to creative journey and matter emotions defining the figurative path of Elisabetta Fontana. A cosmic flow of refined beauty infects the space around, it bends to the unawareness of time, evoking encoded spaces, where the antithesis of life - death, love - hate, dark - light, joy - pain become the paradigms of a new becoming. A journey lived in the uncertainties of the matter, far moaning of primordial elements, and said inside gauzy luminescences of the inwardness. Bright tones exalt endless metamorphosis of tones, turning now to liquid atmospheres, now to dry cracks of matter.
In the "hanging gardens of the soul" the pure and intact essence of creativity remodels the countless fragments of light becoming
white-hot feeling of pure sensibility. A primordial energy branches out giving a new-found strength in the field of composition and a refined meaning in art making of Elisabetta Fontana, active joy.

Through very fine plastic fragmentations the artist redefines new stocks of the material, once floating in the sensitive chaos of the ego, now free to flutter in the regenerating memory.
A message of figurative rebirth appears from the unconscious, source of crystalline essentiality that becomes swollen essence, jealously kept in the gentle eyes of an idyllic inner harmony. Clots of matter emerge from the substrate by changing the incidence of oblique light to redefine the optical effect of volumes in plastic clusters with fascinating combinations. Vague tints move into countless shades of light, taking on new hues that expand the space over the imaginable limit. A limit evoked by the artist in the underlying atmospheres of memories, in the painful life experiences, in the dazzling and unexpected events of life. Sublime experiences on the canvas become plastic energy, vital fluid, eruptive creativity. In the extreme dimension of a thin constituent suspension, precious "drops of light" turn to emerging souls, silent witnesses of love, now present, strong, unassailable, now ephemeral, vague, far, fading. The rosy neutrality of "mirror love," you and I", vanishes in the absolute " vertigo of senses ", in the sunset of an" Eden" lost in oblivion. Elisabetta Fontana is the most authentic voice to tell the love, the unfailing suffering, the loneliness, the detachment undertaking the features of a fine priestess, intimate guardian of "rooms of soul." In these inaccessible chests the flame of pure interiority flames branching all around its perpetual sparks of light. By means of a whirling, dynamic, irrepressible motion, glistening tears evoke far feminine ideals, underlying in the silent atmospheres of a fleeting moment. A suspended reality that contracts space-time around itself and then suddenly explodes into disruptive, igneous, fiery colours of the matter.
Matter becomes deep search for the absolute, for unbroken experimentation, for continuous ideas.

Fleeing from a space-time mimesis, the works of Elisabetta Fontana express a mysterious charm flaring up and overwhelming dramatically on the substrate, beyond the limit of the troubled shadow of the unexpected.

A cosmic seduction spreads on the canvas, and expands like a sweet female scent to become divine essence, lifeblood, vibrant presence, floating in a new figurative "Apeiron".

Prof.Arch .Gianluigi Guarneri
Art Critic

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