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Elisabetta Fontana lives and works in Parma.
Artistically young, her forceful disposition leads her to face art in closer times than the usually expected space-time rhytmes.

Her formation is that of a stylist and this is proved by the way she organizes the many elements of matter on the canvas as they were fabrics.

Painting and Matter are all one, the matter incontestably dominates her inspirational source, both of them are originated by the same forming act.

New worlds are for the public, worlds that exclusively belong to the Artist's inner life, worlds that reflect outside through traces, marks, folds:it is a language that tells movement, research, eagerness of knowledge, but it tends to be covered with hermeneutic discretion peculiar to those works that do not have necessarily to explain or represent, as bounded by the self-expression as a need.

The inclusion in METAFORMISM is due to the merit of Elisabetta Fontana to submit painting and matter to multiple processes of transfiguration, up to reach an expressive entity, totally different from the same ingredients of which it is composed.

Elisabetta Fontana is a member of the Laboratory of Fine Arts "Eos", in Parma,
as well as since 2008 member of the cultural circle "Bertolt Brecht" in Milan and she has recently taken part in the jury "Leonardo da Vinci" in Rome.
Her uniqueness, mixed with her uncatchable being, as someone stated, have made Elisabetta Fontana particularly interesting to the eyes of insiders so that she could rely on art critics of great renown and move to the most well-known art galleries, as well as attend to several events of international importance.

Elisabetta Fontana therefore has an enviable curriculum, which counts hundreds of exhibitions, cured all over the world, either personally and with national and international critics, in Europe, in the United States, in the United Arab Emirates, in China, in Japan:she is keeping up regular relations of cooperation with some galleries of the mentioned countries.

Her works are in public and private collections and in permanent exhibitions at the Municipal Museum of Modern Art in Monreale.

Many official references of Elisabetta Fontana lie in magazines and yearbooks specialized in the contemporary art field, in particular the monthly review "Arte" and the Catalogue Of Modern Art from postwar period up today of Giorgio Mondadori publishing house have given prominence to her works.

I leave my heart beat very fragile. I let my soul fly heavy. And me in the midst of watching the fall of the soul on the heart.

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