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Francesco Chetta


(Silent - Fragments of Life)
Elisabetta Fontana

Abstraction is not only a banal, visual pleasure attracting the observer, it is also the mode of expression with which the Artist communicates - a symbolic or chromatic language devoid of any form of objectivity.
Elisabetta Fontana has succeeded splendidly in this, not easy, endeavour, crossing the common boundary of reality to step into a temporal dimension of the image.
Objectively, we can see an intimate silence in the Artist's themes which draw us into, platonically, an ancient mystery.
In this long, technical study of fragmentation and the material, indelibly and carefully marking out the route followed over years of research, we do not see any minimalism which could lead us back to the leaders of the movement, such as the great Jean Frautier and Alberto Burri.
Elisabetta Fontana honours us with her noble quest, proudly bearing the same surname as the great Lucio.
Fragmentary abstraction describes its unconscious story by carefully probing its "I".
Acting as a spokesperson for its humble pictorial personality, some of her work reflects her quest which goes beyond mere language already fossilized and historicized in the years of conceptual informality.
No longer objectivity of matter, individually distributed with tones identifying the spatial construction of the work, but a careful hand in laying out the material.
Fontana models, FRAGMENTS, displays the spiritual neo-objectivity of her soul suffocated by emotional turmoil with monochrome backgrounds, some lit by small luminescent pigments, exalting the lyrical spaces of our lives with silent explanations.

Francesco Chetta

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